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Author Archives: Dorette de Swardt

Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Okay, it’s not Africa but recently we had the great privilege to travel to the UAE as a family. Dubai is unlike anything we’ve ever experienced and in great contrast to our African adventure. It’s a first world city with great infrastructure, transport, beaches and heaps of entertainment. Guillaume, being an engineer and loving anything … Continue reading »

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Come for a stay, and have a beer!

Yes, we’re about to do some shameless promotion. Since we’re working on settling down (just a little bit) we have taken on some other projects besides having jobs, raising a baby and planning another overseas trip. After a couple of months of de Swardt DIY on Guillaume’s part, we’re happy to announce the opening of our … Continue reading »

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A new little traveller

A lot has happened since our last blog! We’ve been back to Tanzania again for a short little trip down the coast and around Zanzibar (for a third time, seriously how lucky are we!!), we’ve found a temporary home in Port Elizabeth, South Africa and although I do Africa has been our favourite adventure until … Continue reading »

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Almost Home

The African part of our trip has come to an end and we are just a week away from going home. For the past two weeks we’ve been traveling around gorgeous Ireland enjoying the comforts of Europe. Being here has made us aware of some things which we took for granted before our six months … Continue reading »

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The Valley of the Kings of Hassle

Walking down Nile road to the Luxor Temple I was ambushed by a mass of males selling jewellery, taxi rides and god knows what else, grabbing onto every piece of recognition I would give them. I react by pretending not to understand English and end up, much to my own amusement, watching a fat man … Continue reading »

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The Fat Boy Sings

Yes, we have reached the end of the line for our wonderful bike. It is Egypt, but not exactly the way we had wanted it to be. Turns out that the cost of a Carnet for Egypt, plus all the extra costs at the border, adds up to much more than the current value of … Continue reading »

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Getting into Sudan proved to be more of a challenge than what we expected. We were greeted by a short, dark soldier with a very firm and final “no” and that seemed to be the end of it. To add injury to his insulting snub we had already been stamped out of Ethiopia and were … Continue reading »

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Interesting Times

The only thing worse than the layers of dust on and in everything after northern Kenya, we discovered, are the icy cold showers of Ethiopia’s rainy season.  There were times of extreme discomfort, freezing moments when only the small fires of local Samaritans provided relief and lots, and lots of shivering.  But, we have made … Continue reading »

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Why We Travel – Part Four

Our bike is unrecognisable. Somewhere under layers and layers of paint hides the once very orange body of our trusty steed – beaten up and at places broken by months of driving through the African continent. But you can’t see any of this anymore; all you see is a beautiful mess of colours – on … Continue reading »

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Before the Storm

We have been spending some time with friends and family in Kenya relaxing and getting ready for the final and most difficult part of our adventure. Tomorrow we’ll embark on the long and dangerous road through northern Kenya to Ethiopia and our next update should be from there. Till then, here are some photos of our … Continue reading »

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