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DIY First Aid

Posted by on April 17, 2012

In Africa, and I’m sure any other third world place, there is not time for fussing over small things like non-life-threatening injuries (often there is no fussing over life threatening injuries actually) and so we have learned not to sweat the small stuff – and by small stuff we mean cuts and bruises.

Since we have lost much of our medical equipment we decided to just make do with the very bare necessities, which is exactly what we did when I got a teensy burn due to the exhaust of the bike. Guillaume made the diagnosis and got the treatment while I applied it. Adhesive bandages cost about four times the price as in SA so we improvised.

We thought we’d share some pictures about it:

DIY First Aid_00002

Gathering courage – Konyagi, the local spirit

DIY First Aid_00001

Disinfecting the wound – Konyagi, the local spirit, a very diverse liquid indeed

DIY First Aid_00003

Burnox (whatever that is, it was cheap) and duck-tape to seal the wound

DIY First Aid_00004

And there we go – as good as new!

Always time for fun in Africa!

PS: Since this “injury” some very friendly British/Scottish (I think they are still quarreling about that one) gave us a couple of adhesive bandages. We would like to thank them for that because since then it seems as though I have not been able to stop hurting myself and I am ‘covered’ in  them! It has been a relief not to have to duck-tape a couple of bleeding wound guys – really, thank you!

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