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Finding Friends and Fun on a Rainy Day

Posted by on February 18, 2012

It’s been raining for the past 4 days in the Caprivi, our washing has been on the line since then and is just getting wetter and wetter. It’s rainy season, so what did we expect really?!

But, after a couple of days of doing admin, playing the same card games over and over again, drinking and watching washing not drying, the cabin fever started to get too much to bare. So, like children so often do, we decided to fight boredom with trouble.

Finding fun and making friends in the Caprivi_00004

When you’ve been sitting around for days on end, you counter with movement… a lot of it.

We decided it was time to take Big Boy out in the rain for a spin around the many lodges along the shores of the Okavanga River,  as well as the sandy roads through the villages – and made a couple of friends.

Finding fun and making friends in the Caprivi_00008

When the rain stopped for a while, we became the local amusement park and all the boys got a turn to hold on and scream “wohaaaaahaaa” as Guillaume drove off.

A lot of fun for our, and their amusement, but their mother was not too impressed.

They didn’t mind their mother’s disapproval:

Finding fun and making friends in the Caprivi_00007

And even decided to show off a bit.

Finding fun and making friends in the Caprivi_00018

Despite all this silliness, we found some wisdom in the wet sand of the Okavango in the form of Cheryl.  She shared many stories with us and then gave us some nuptial advice; “Remember the grass is never greener so stick together. If you change your partner you’re just exchanging one bucket of shit for another”.

Finding fun and making friends in the Caprivi_00001

Advice we have taken to heart and will remember for the duration of our travel and the rest of our marriage!

By sunset, the rain stopped and we realised we are really not missing those office jobs rwe left behind!

Finding fun and making friends in the Caprivi_00020

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