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Getting Ready

Posted by on January 9, 2012

It’s been happening slowly but over the past two weeks we have been able to make some progress. We are running out of time at a ridiculous speed and until today most businesses were closed, so at the moment any advancement is great..

Firstly we got our new, empty passports…

Nuwe Paspoorte

and then our vaccinations:


Luckily we had already gotten some of the shots for our visit to Ethiopia and Kenya in 2010 but all in all this is what we needed:

Cholera (which isn’t an injection, you just get a stamp to help out if they do decide to hassle you about it)

Hep A

Hep B


Menomune (Meningococcal Polysaccharide)



Rabies (Optional)

Yellow fever

Dorette Inspuit

We still have to take our last round of rabies and Hep A shots but a pretty penny later and we are basically vaccinated – even though Guillaume really did not want to get his!

G Inspuit 
 After that, there was First Aid.



Overkill? Maybe, but we now know more or less how to give CPR, dress a wound or two and how to treat burns – something that is sure to happen, either from the bike or from cooking over an open fire every night.

D Verband

We do feel a bit more prepared now that we are certified First Aiders but still have a 100 more tasks to complete – which includes everything from itineraries, doctor appointments, revamping of the bike, medical aid and travel insurance as well as insurance for the bike and visas.

All of these require a lot of phone calls, a touch of lying and a pinch of scheming here and there but we will get there, eventually!

We are T – 3 weeks!

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