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Here We Go Again

Posted by on April 25, 2012

The main artery from Nairobi to Uganda was death zone to us, as we quickly came to understand on our departure from this city, and after the initial panic had passed we knew that we eventually just had to move forward regardless of this threat. If we had a faster bike or a car we would have been able to tackle this part of the journey with less fear but we had deliberately made our adventure tougher by using our Boda-Boda.

And so it was that we found ourselves sitting on a deserted train station in the middle of the night. We had been there since 7pm and two bottles of red wine and 5 hours later we were still waiting for our train. African Time, we are so used to it by now.

The plan had developed quite easily and quickly. On Monday we enquired about the train, which had stopped going a while ago, and ran into a bit of luck. It would, we were told, leave the same day at 10pm. We deserted our plan of staining in Naivasha for “at least a week to recuperate” and within an hour we were packed up and sitting on the bench on the platform.

When the train finally approached we were running around the platform like township chickens about to be butchered, trying to keep all our things together. The train stopped for exactly 5 minutes and Guillaume had to run to the back and get the bike on the train whilst I had to load all our things running back and forth from platform to train all the while making sure nothing “disappears”.  We took one look at the compartment, polluted with all our crap, and came to two conclusions:

1. It is about time Big Boy got a break; it is loaded with enough things to make a train compartment uncomfortably full.

2. We have got to get rid of some of our things, soon!

We arrived the next day in Kisumu lost in a sleepy and hungover haze. Assumption is the mother of all F-ups I was once told, words that rang in my ears most of the morning. We had assumed that because the train had arrived late in Naivasha we could add at least 4 hour to our journey and sat up till 4am drinking and talking whist the train rocked us closer to our destination. The train arrived on time, we were still sleeping…. African time, we had gotten too used to it.

We evacuated our compartment just as quickly as we had vacated it and after sleeping most of the day we made work of planning the next leg of the journey; crossing Lake Victoria. A Cargo Ship will depart tomorrow from Kisumu to Jinja in Uganda and we will probably be on it – again turning the original plan on its head!

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