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Posted by on May 18, 2012

After 14 weeks of travelling with adventurous local dining and countless encounters with runny nosed children, we have miraculously managed to stay in good health.  Sure there has been some discomfort after a couple of ‘interesting’ meals and we have had the odd sore throat but nothing serious, until now.

Last week Dorette started to show symptoms of a pretty ferocious cold so we self-medicated her with numerous drugs we bought over the counter – some of them bland and simple and others as colourful as a supernova.


Eventually the ‘supernova’ seemed to work its magic and she felt much better, but unfortunately it was only temporary – the day after she was finally able to get out of bed it had spread to her lungs in the form of a respiratory infection. Throughout the evening Dorette struggled to breath with a regular desperate wheezing sound. It was a long night for her as she sat awake waiting for the clinic to open the next morning.

We were received with exceptional professionalism at the Aga Khan hospital in Mwanza. Dorette was given a bed for half-day observation on the effects of the new inter venal medication prescribed to her.


However, an hour or two later the nurses, and Dorette, were a bit confused about which one of us is really the patient:


We are now stuck in a beautiful town called Mwanza where Dorette needs to receive her daily early morning wake-up jab at the hospital and then return to her isolated ‘quarantine’ of our hotel room where she recovers:


…an unfortunate turn of events which I can sadly not do too much about:


Ps: All jokes aside, Dorette is much better and we should be able to hit the road by Sunday.

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