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How to strategically overload a 150cc delivery bike

Posted by on February 10, 2012

As far as we’ve been going there has been two things that’s stayed pretty universal.

Firstly it is the reaction to our plan. The answer to the simple question, ‘where are you going to?’, is always met with the same reaction, disbelief.

Then follows the question … “really, on this?!?”

And the answers are always the same, “yes, to Cairo, on this!”

So we decided to show you just exactly what “this” looks like, and how we have achieved it:

Overload Bike_00011

1. Get a bored engineer who likes to invent things and devise plans.

Overload Bike_00001

2. Side panniers first. These are fastened with a combination of Velcro and straps. One contains our spares and the other medical and first aid as well as cooking equipment like our paraffin stove and pot.

Overload Bike_00002

3. The biggest bag ever… almost. This contains our clothes, mosquito net, two self-inflatable mattresses and a lot of other crap.

Overload Bike_00003

It is assembled by strapping it on with a series of ropes and cables. It also functions as a back seat.

Overload Bike_00004

4. Tent. This is placed at the front, fastened with elastic straps.

Overload Bike_00005

5. Bits and pieces. The cooler bag, sleeping bag and any other loose items we might have, and can’t find another spot for, are fastend to the side pannier.

Overload Bike_00006

And the rest (like or running shoes) on the backpack:

Overload Bike_00007

6. Reflective banner. Mostly for safety but also for advertising this has a third function; keeping the dust out of our backpack.

Overload Bike_00008

7. The important stuff. We keep this close, where we can watch it. Strapped on and then clasped for extra security.

Overload Bike_00009

8. And then our water bottles

Overload Bike_00010

We weigh in at 280kg, me and Guillaume included …and we have regular visitors who can’t wait to have their turn on the bike:









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