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Leader of the Pack

Posted by on March 13, 2012

After a long time spent holidaying in Livingstone the time came to move on… finally. By the time we hit the road to Lusaka we were both getting a bit grubby from staying motionless for so long. The plan was to go from there to Kapiri Mposhi (about 200km from Lusaka) and catch the Tazara train, cheating our way to Dar es Salaam.

The dust in Livingstone hadn’t settled from our speedy and powerful bike ride out of there when we ran into Daphne and Andre Mouton… and their BMW 1200 GS Adventurer!  This happens to be Guillaume’s favourite bike, after our Chinese stallion of course.

Andre and Daphne decided to ride with us and reeled their huge boy in to stick to our 85km/h limit. We made good friends and completed the longest stretch since the start of our journey, a full 600km in one day.

After a day with some real bikers we decided to compare sizes, to see if it really matters.

So, this is how we measure up:

The Moutons I do Africa
Power A mere 81kw of horse power 11kw of raw power
Tank size 34 Litres 9.8 litres
Reach 670 km per tank 220km per tank
Maximum Speed 220km/h… maybe more 108km/h
Average Speed 120km/h 85km/h
Weight 255kg420kg with both and luggage 110kg280 with both and luggage
Comfort 5 stars Half a star

It turns out that size does matter, especially if you are facing a 1800km drive to Dar es Salaam. Andre and Daphne will be there in two days, if we don’t manage to catch the train and end up driving we should get there in about 6 days, if nothing breaks!

Leader of the pack_00001

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