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The Beginning of The End

Posted by on June 5, 2012

At the start of our voyage Guillaume posed a question; when will all of this truly ‘sink in’ for us to comprehend just what we are doing? His thoughts were that as soon as we cross the first border out of South Africa we’ll get it. My answer was that we’ll never really “get it” but that it will only be towards the end of the journey that we’ll be able to step back, get a holistic picture of the expedition and then some of it will ‘sink in’.

We both knew there was only one way to find out, so we put the question aside and focused on making it to Egypt. And here we are now, more than four months and over 10 000km later and if you look at a map we are just over half way. But in actual fact we are way past the half way mark thanks to all the detours we have taken.

We are standing on the brink of the beginning of the end of our African odyssey with the finish line rapidly closing in on us and we are both terrified of it! The question posed at the beginning has been replaced by another question, what happens when we are done?

Right now we have two months left and 5000 km to go and after one more week of holiday in Kenya we will tackle the most difficult stretch of this journey; the desolated roads of northern Kenya, known for bandits, followed by some challenging terrain in Ethiopia where kids throw vehicles with stones, then troublesome Sudan which is currently at war and then finally Egypt.  It is the most trying part of the road and also the part for which we are utterly unprepared – we have no guidebook, no map, no visas (yet) no Carne for our bike and no definite plan.

So just like the question posed at the beginning of the journey we will put aside our fears and questions about the end of it. One thing is sure; we are staring at 5000km made up of a combination of elements which should result in copious amounts of adventure.

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