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Tough Times

Posted by on April 7, 2012

Before we embarked on this crazy honeymoon journey we were aware of the ‘hard times’ we would inevitably need to face and battle through. Times that will be a requirement to complete this adventure successfully. We were conscious of the fact that our motorcycle, our own characters and our marriage will be tested and challenged in an extreme way on this bumpy up-and-down road from South Africa to Egypt.

These last few days have been tough, both on us and our motorcycle. Big Boy has been dragged through the most terrible road we have experienced thus far on the trip. Breakdown after breakdown caused us to endure 6 hours of riding-hell to complete today’s tiresome journey of merely 73kms.

Then there is the inescapable emotional strain.  Our strong willed personalities have been chafing and clashing enharmonically. The shortfalls in each other’s character have caused frustration, uncertainty and at times even despair for both of us. The lack of proper sleep and uncomfortable conditions obviously only adds fuel to this fire.

The smile we excitedly and automatically shot back at our friends, warning us of these times lying ahead, quickly disappears as soon as these ‘times’ hits you like an overloaded local bus, heads on.

This is what happens when you travel, you break down and you get stuck and when we reached four walls without an exit we had to take the time needed to dig one. So, we caringly sat down and shared our frustrations with each other – some unique, some similar. We had to decide how we will tackle these challenges together, how we will learn to be strong when the one is weak and to fulfil where the other sometimes lacks.

It is these times and processes in adventures that transform travel companions into comrades, a couple into a team and a 150cc delivery bike into a monster!

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