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Trucking Around

Posted by on February 10, 2012

We’ve found that in Namibia trucks are a great way of getting around. They function like taxis but are much more comfortable and can carry the bike too. So, we’ve been trucking around Nam for a couple of days – a huge detour but fun!

We first made the discovery of this travel-goldmine at the border upon entering Namibia. Just after crossing we ran out of fuel and the nearest station was a good 60km away. So we hitched a ride with an empty truck straight to Katima Mulilo.

(Actually, the officer at the border took a liking in us and the truck driver didn’t have all the papers he needed to cross… so a trade-off took place. He would let the truck through, if we got a lift.  Score!) Getting the bike in was a bit of a mission and it took three men and a lot of effort. Getting it out was a bit easier.

Detour to Namibia_00003

We spend the night in Katima and decided to head to Kongola by taxi. The plan was for Dorette and our luggage to take the taxi and Guillaume would then follow with the bike. Again, a trucked proved a more viable option and for N$40 (R40) we got a ride.

The driver, who claims to know the African roads from here to Timbuktu, was stunned. After the two hour drive with him, he hadn’t managed to get more out than, “Egypt, on that bike? Both of you? No!”

Detour to Namibia_00002

After our time in Kongola we drove to Divundu with the bike and had another fun day ‘4×4-ing’ with our 150cc monster. The road here is in top shape but getting to the campsites in the area, which are all built along the Okavango River, is a different story. Sandy and wet after all the rain it took a lot from both the bike and the driver but we made it!

Detour to Namibia_00017

We are hoping to catch a truck from here back to Katima Mulilo before entering Zambia.  And seeing as trucking is a great way of getting around, we will try to hitch a couple more rides when on sandy or ‘hungry lion’ roads between here and Egypt.

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