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Yes we can!

Posted by on March 2, 2012

We have been hanging around in Livingstone for a while and will probably start our journey to Lusaka by Tuesday before undertaking the (apparently) dreadful Tazara train ride to Dar es Salaam. We are both eager to get moving but for now we have to wait.

As our friends well know, we are bore both quite restless and sitting around for too long inevitably leads to only one thing – imaginative ways to have fun and fight boredom! So, since we have time for mucking around in Livingstone we decided to do just that.

We proved that our Big Boy can easily carry three people … as long as you steer clear of traffic police! We took a joyride around town, paid a visit to some expensive lodges along the Zambezi and became the talk of the town amongst those who saw us.

Guillaume borrowed a rafting helmet for the expedition, our new friend Rosemary sat in the middle and Dorette got the backseat which means she had to keep her feet lifted for the entire journey to avoid the scorching hot exhaust.

Yes we can!_00001

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